illustration pour l’article de Robert Darnton

Le Monde 2 illustrait l’article de Robert Darnton par une extraordinaire image de bibliothèque infinie qui se trouve à l’adresse ci-dessous: l’auteur est Job Koelewijn, le titre

Untitled (lemniscaat)

Wood, books
125 x 780 x 240 cm.

From the introduction to the 2006 exhibition Continuing Performances at Galerie Fons Welters.

J’apprends à mettre des images…

« In the beginning was the word, the written word is unto eternity. A bookcase in the form of a lemniscate (the mathematical sign for infinity), full of books, words, shows the cycle of art. The way in which artworks endure, sometimes concealed, sometimes at eye level, close enough to touch, then forgotten for years, pushed away behind other books. The eternal performance of art. The public constantly changes in age and era. The words remain the same, and yet what is read changes from one age to the next. »


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